Friday, September 23, 2016

4.30 am
24 september 2016.

Nothing left to keep again..
Tuhan dah bagi petunjuk dah takde yang tinggal melainkan yang ada sekarang, Need to  look foward from now.Nothing to judge.Changed myself.
Im so proud because you are now.Berbeza masa dulu.
Shy and loss turn to very talktive.

Now i choose to left you,
im sorry i didnt mean it but i have to for my heart.Let me correct for my sick.
I dont need you but i will pray for you everyday.
Im sorry to feel hate you but im always be your advicer
Im sorry to feel im regret meet you 5 years ago.
Im sorry to always cared even tho you not deserve it.
hypocrite myself still be nice.

last but not least, i hope you're fine 'My Friend'

And dear myself,

im sorry to hurt you.

Im promise i wont do it again.


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